Thursday, July 31, 2008

Im dying for Diner....

even though I just went last night.
1) It's not a real diner it's just called Diner.
2) There are new daily specials on the non-menu.
3) The nice and pretty waitresses crouch down and write the menu on the table
(even the pregnant waitress).
4) Sometimes (like one in every 10 times) they have a fried soft shell crab sandwich with pickles and lettuce on a ciabatta roll which has a delicious doughy, crunchy, sweet and sour taste all in one bite.
5) Each table leaves with a postcard souvenir.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Emergency Room Nightmare Nurses!

I understand that nurses, especially ER nurses are overloaded with patients and do not have a second to rest in a 12 hour shift.  However, in all my years, I have NEVER experienced such hostility between nurses and patients.  My boyfriend who was displaying all signs of Meningitis had an excruciating headache and nausea for the past seven hours.  He was being completely ignored while the nurses were learning how to use their "cows" (computer on wheels).  They would not even give us as much of a nod to indicate that they noticed him.  
Elaine, head of nurses, rolled her eyes when I politely asked her when and which Nurse or Dr. would be attending Jeff.  I explained to her my worries of him having Meningitis telling her what was wrong and all she did was rudely sneer "that's not Meningitis it's called a headache." She turned back to her "cow" and kept pretending I was not there. 12 hours later Jeff received a Spinal Tap and tests came back positive that he did indeed have meningitis.  THANKS FOR YOUR HELP ELAINE!!!!!!!  I will never go back to this ER room.  Our doctor was great once we were checked into the hostpital...he looks like Doc from "Back to the Future" and has the "Born to be wild" cell phone ring.  

I think I've died and gone to dental heaven!

I have not seen a dentist in over four years and was terrified of having to go.  My friend Jenn noticed my procrastination and urged me to make an appointment with the friendliest Dentist in the city of NY.  Dr. Fujishige at Luma Dental Spa on West 14th Street makes you feel like you have checked into The Four Seasons.   Melissa, his assistant, was as sweet as pie and comforted me when I gagged during the X-rays.  Dr. Fujishige showered my teeth with compliments and cleaned them in an efficient way. I did not feel rushed and was not even upset when he said I would have to return in a month for a filling.  He accepts new clients even if you don't have insurance.  If you're scared of doctors like I am you better hurry and go soon while he's accepting new clients!

It burnt so good- Artichoke Pizza

I am a lady of leisure this week.  I have my first week off in over two years thus I get to eat lunch at places that are wayyy too busy and impossible for supper.  Every time I am walking down 14th street between 2nd Ave and Ave A I am lured in by the smell but dissuaded by the line pouring out of the small seat less restaurant.  
I avoided the line by going on a Tuesday in the mid afternoon.  I had a delicious slice of Sicilian with fresh basil and Parmesan that was slightly burnt but oh so yummy.  I burnt my mouth on the first, second and third bite but it was the kind of burn that felt good and did not stop me from eating the rest of Lex's piece. 

The most deliciously cheap food in the entire world

Caracas, located on 7th street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, is the most orgasmically delicious Venezuelan joint in the world.  I know it sounds like I'm exaggerating but I  could eat here everyday for a year and never tire.     
Arepas are a form of sandwich much better than a panini, sub, hogi, pita, wrap, bagel or your average multi-grain-wich.  They are crunchy on the outside with a burst of warm meats, veggies and cheeses on the inside.  My favorite is the La Mulata- grilled white cheese with jalapenos, sauteed red peppers, fried sweet plantains and black beans.  Make sure to try some of the special sauce which is on every table or for sale next door.
I have always had wonderful customer service even in the busiest of times.  The second time I went I brought Jeff.  He was just as excited as I was about the meal however the waitress opened a bottle of red wine and it splashed onto Jeff's rodeo-esque button down!  She promptly cleaned the red wine off with white wine (who would have known?)  She even gave us free chips and "guac" and taught us a new stain removing trick.  All in all I was lulled into complacency and went to bed dreaming of arepas.

Hello friends and future friends!

I have always been a critic on the inside.  I recognize how important it is for myself and friends to have enjoyable dining experiences and all around good customer service which is why I am starting a (never been done before) blog of restaurants and different businesses in or around NYC that are blog worthy or not.
Bon appetit :)