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Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's winter and I have a new playlist.

It's about time I switched from summer music into winter music mode. Please don't hesitate to indulge and be practiced up for sing alongs :) Mesorimer even has a Christmas tree!

1) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down: The Band
2) In the Light of the Moon: Big Blood
3) Baby, Let Me Follow You Down: Bob Dylan
4) Flume: Bon Iver
5) Hologram Buffalo: Brightblack Morning Light
6) Bruises: Chairlift
7) Wild Tigers I Have Known: Emily Jane White
8) Sunshine City: Forest Fire
9) Lollipop: Lil Wayne
10) Sharp Cutting Wings (Song to a Poet): Lucinda Williams
11) Breaking It Up: Lykke Li
12) Paper Planes: M.I.A.
13) How Soon Is Now: Morrissey
14) Not Right, You Know: Phosphorescent
15) Fake Plastic Trees: Radiohead
16) Whatever You Like: T.I.
17) Lord: Sleepy Sun
18) Taking The Farm: War On Drugs
19) I Shall Be Released: Wilco w/Fleet Foxes

Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole is a delicious and cozy watering hole on Bedford with great natural light (often a factor overlooked in many of my reviews). The vibe and scene is for sure Williamsburg but it doesn't have the same overcrowded uber trendy vibe that many Bedford spots have. I ordered the Thai Chicken soup with buckwheat noodles and a vanilla green tea which were both excellent. HOWEVER, the baked eggs were completely bland and undesirable. Plus they weren't even baked, they were poached with hardened yolks (blah) atop a piece of toast with flavorless chard and soggy onions. The waitress was far too cute and nice to cause any sort of commotion with. It mine as well be called an eggs benedict...Thank god for the soup. I'm going again but waiting until it's warm enough to sit in the fabulous looking back patio but skipping the baked eggs.

Hotel Delmano

13 bucks for a drink??? Once in a while it's worth it to throw down a few extra dollars for drinks made with fresh ingredients such as egg white, ginger and elderberry water BUT the bill adds up FAST so drink slow. The place has the potential of turning into a pretentious malaisey (is that a word?) lounge but for now it's perfect and addictive. Oh yeah, the nuts=spectacular. Make sure to ask for the spicy deep fried nuts mmmmm. Keep in mind we are in rough times with the economy and all so it may be wiser to stick to the pbr at your local dive.